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Starter Champs & Beginners Guide

A guide by Geralt_Delete

published Oct 2022

starter champs graphic.jpg



  • Great for campaign farming and early arena Nuker



  • Great for campaign farming and early arena Nuker

  • Has poison in his kit (great for Clan Boss and Dungeon Bosses)



  • Great for campaign farming and early arena Nuker

  • Decrease Defense is nice to have



  • Great for campaign farming and early arena Nuker

  • 3-hit A1 with Weaken is Nice, especially with Giant Slayer Mastery


All of the starter champs are great champs to have and max out as they will all help you progress in early game content, especially campaign and dungeons. Kael is easily the best starter champ purely because Poisons are very useful throughout the majority of content in the game. Athel is second best simply because she brings the Weaken De-buff on her A1 ability.

Beginner Guide


  • Get familiar with this area of the game, as you should be spending a lot of your time there leveling your champs

  • You can collect some nice rewards for progressing through the different stages and levels of the Campaign

  • Focus your attention on leveling 1 champ to 60 as fast as you can. This is usually your campaign farmer

    • This will make it easier to level up other champs

  • Leveling champs:

    • Campaign is the best place to level up champs. Most players typically use Stage 12-3 in Brutal campaign to farm XP and sell all the shields (shields are worth the most silver)

    • It is recommended to farm XP at the highest level you can with your Campaign Farmer (see below) to gain the most experience for your "food" champs

      • Food champs = champs you level/ rank up to "feed" into your stronger champs

farming xp graphic.jpg


  • These should be completed every day!

  • They don't take very long to do and should be the first thing you complete when you log in

  • Complete 30 daily quests and you get a VOID shard as well as the coveted SACRED shard. A nice reward for easy to complete quests

  • Advanced quests (unlocked at level 35) is another easy way to gain some small rewards that add up over time. Be sure to try and complete most, if not, all of them everyday


  • Do not overlook Missions. They will direct you and keep you on track with progression in the game

  • They are a great source of rewards and extra resources for your account

  • There are also two very good champions as rewards in Arbiter and Romantu. Very much worth your effort to get

  • Complete them at your own pace


  • The challenges tab provides some extra rewards

  • It is not a high priority to complete all of these fast. Just natural progression will get you most of these rewards

  • It is recommended, however, to complete the early parts of the Artifact Challenges when you are Early in the game, as they require early stages of campaign to complete

CLAN BOSS (click for guide)

  • Clan Boss – join a clan as soon as you are able to and start fighting the clan boss to collect daily rewards.

ARENA (click for guide):

  • Use all your free tokens to fight in the arena (you get 25 free tokens/ day)

  • This is the only place to earn medals for your GREAT HALL (super important), so you need to get started on that as soon as possible.

  • For every tier of Arena you get bonus stats and more medals for wins, so get as high as you can and farm those medals



  • Always check the Market, especially when you first log in

  • Buy every Mystery shard you see

  • Buy every Ancient Shard (you get up to 5 per month)

  • Don’t buy gear or champs

  • Eventually unlock the entire market

RESOURCES: save them and use them wisely!

  • Shards:

    • Open your Mystery Shards when you need champs to level for food or to complete the Daily Shard opening quest

    • Open shards during Tournaments or Events to gain extra rewards

    • Save Ancient (blue), Void (Purple) and Sacred (Yellow) shards until there is a x2 event for that particular shard to increase your chances at an Epic or Legendary champion

  • Gems:

    • Can be hard to come by, even though you can get a lot from the beginning

    • It is recommended to save up your first 800 gems and spend them on full masteries on the champ you are focusing on (typically your starter champ/ campaign farmer)

    • If you plan on playing the game for a long time, then you should purchase the Gem Mine and get it maxed out (1500 total gems). This will give you a max of 15 gems a day.

    • Try to avoid using gems for energy refills or arena refills

  • Skill Tomes (books):

    • Another resource that can be hard to come by

    • Spend these on your best champs

    • NEVER use a Legendary book on an Epic or Rare champ

    • NEVER use an Epic Book on a Rare champ

    • Don’t spread your books around. Focus on one champ at time.



  • Complete Daily Quests (5-10 minutes)

  1. Open Market and purchase all the shards available. If there are none, close and proceed to continue with Dailies, and check back later.

  2. Open Mystery shards (typically a 10 pull)

  3. Open the tavern and feed all 1 star champs into a 2 star champ to level up a minimum of 3 levels

  4. Get into Campaign and hammer off 7 wins or 3 boss wins. Run a few more battles, using up at least 50 energy. (Level up some champs while you do this)

  5. Get into Arena and battle a minimum of 5 times, but preferably use all your tokens if you can. If not, wait and refresh, then pick teams that you know you can beat

  6. Level up a piece of gear (4 attempts minimum)

  • Daily Quests should now be complete. Collect your rewards

  1. Go to Clan Boss and use up the remainder of your keys (you should try to use 4 every day)

  2. From here, proceed to check on your missions and challenges tab to see if there is anything that you can complete

  3. Optional, but recommended : Check to see if there are any dungeon Tournaments live. Go and run that dungeon at the highest level you can farm, to get some more gear

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