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A guide by Geralt_Delete

published Nov 2022



Dungeons are one of the main sources of obtaining good artifacts to equip on your champions. Farming these dungeons for upgrades will become the norm for you as you continue to play the game.

Here is a quick summary of the three main dungeon bosses and the artifact sets that can drop:


The non-highlighted artifact sets are good sets to have, but are either overpowered by similar artifact sets or are niche.


  • To land debuffs consistently, aim for 10 accuracy per level of dungeon. So, for a level 25 dungeon, it is suggested to have 250 accuracy (25 x 10 = 250)

  • Farm the highest level that you can, where you know that you can beat it 100% every time. The best place to start dungeon farming is Stage 16+. This is because any stage passed 15 no longer drops brews.

  • Dragon is one of the best places to farm gear, especially early game

  • Fire Knight is more for mid to end game players


  • This is where you can get all the accessories for your champs. (Rings, Amulets and Banners)

  • A little different than the other dungeons, as you fight the boss right away

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