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Clan Boss Guide

A guide by Geralt_Delete

published Oct 2022



The Demon Lord offers some of the best rewards in the game. It is also available for DAILY farming, which means it should be one of your top priorities to accomplish every day outside of completing the daily quests.


GOAL = Obtain and farm the highest chest(s) that you can, on the highest difficulty that your clan can kill.


Rule of Thumb: Once you can 1 key a difficulty, it is time to move up and start trying to 1 key the next difficulty. Continuously look to improve your team.


You are given 2/2 keys with a refresh rate of 6 hours per key. To maximize your damage and rewards, you should be using four keys per day.

demon lord graphic.jpg

Early Game Demon Lord Tips:


  • Use your best 5 champs

  • Survive as long as you can = More Hits = More Damage

  • POISON will be your main source of damage for every difficulty, so be sure to keep an eye out for a champ with this ability. Kael is a great example and he is a starter champion

  • HP Burn is also great for damage as well, but you can only have one stack of the debuff active, unlike poison

  • You can only have 10 debuffs on the Demon Lord at any time

  • Lifesteal and Immortal gear are very helpful sets to provide self-healing to your champs

  • A TOXIC set is helpful if you do not have a champ with poison abilities

CB stats chart.jpg

Stat Priority:

             ACC > SPD > HP/DEF > Crit Rate

early game CB ability priority.jpg

Mid Game CB tips:


  • Once you start getting champs leveled to 6 stars, you should get the Giant Slayer or Warmaster mastery on them as soon as you can. This, combined with the Decrease Defense and Weaken debuffs, will allow you to do a lot more damage to the clan boss

  • Focus now shifts towards making teams that synergize well together and bring all the necessary debuffs and buffs that you need for the fight

  • Begin to speed tune your champs to act in a certain order. Adjust speed tunes according to the difficulty of the Clan Boss you are hitting

  • Decrease Attack = the MOST IMPORTANT debuff for the Demon Lord. Be sure to always have this up on the boss for every AOE attack that he does.

  • Unkillable comps are a definite option as well (specific champ and speeds required)


Late Game CB Tips:


  • Start Adding Crit rate and Crit damage to your builds, while maintaining other stats

mid late game CB ability priority.jpg
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