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Start raiding today and experience exhilarating clan-centered cooperative play, unprecedented skill customization, and a mind-boggling range of strategy. May the Arbiter grant you victory!


About Us

The House of Vampires is a Raid: Shadow Legends Clan. We are a bunch of like-minded Raid players who love to PVP and PVE. We all got along and thus started the epic story of HoV. We cater to, like minded players, who either need help or like to give help. We use our discord channel, website, stream, and YouTube guides, to offer an abundant amount of resources and experience to help every player based on where their account stands. F2P accounts, Whale accounts and the in-between accounts, all have a place in our clan. We are a cluster clan with a thematic vampire feel and design. We use the patriarchal house of the vampire dynasty and allow each clan(house) to have their own specific name. If you’re looking for a game within a game, to make friends, to help others or to just hang out with good people, then this is the clan for you.  



“We don’t follow the meta, the meta follows us.” - Vhampire 

About Vhampire:

Vhampire- AKA, DADDY V, PAPA J and Vhamp, is the grandfather, of what is now known as, the gaming industry. At 12 years old he won his first tournament at a local video store and won 500$ playing Mario Brothers. He knew he wanted to play video games for a living but his desire to connect to people and entertain overrode this eagerness to excel at gaming. He then joined a semi-pro Halo 2 team, where he peaked at 18th ranked NA. From there, he migrated to social games but always longed to get back to the grind of the competitive atmosphere. After taking a hiatus off to tour the country, as the front man, with the band JONESWHO, he decided to start playing WoW. He peaked as the best Discipline Priest/Resto Druid in BG9 for season 1-3. Later he started playing Hunter and peaked at rank 1 in season 9, where he held the title “Best BM Hunter NA”. He went on to get Gladiator titles with the Warrior, Priest, Resto-Druid, Warlock, and Death Knight. After 15 years of Wow, he started playing League of Legends where he mastered Teemo Jungle and peaked at Diamond 1. He also plays Overwatch 1 & 2, Call of Duty, Path of Exile, and many other games. His claim to fame for Raid is peaking rank 22 in Plat 6 months after starting his account. Now he can finally find a peaceful balance between his humanitarian side, his competitive side, and his love for gaming, by helping others achieve their end game goals with RAID: Shadow Legends. He is the Co-Clan master for The House of Vampires, which is 150 members strong as of Oct. 2022.


“The fruit of a well organized mind, is the fruit of a well-organized life”    -Vhampire

About Geralt_delete:


Geralt is a handy and creative individual who currently works full time in the construction industry. In his downtime, he enjoys watching TV/movies and video gaming. He stumbled onto Raid: Shadow Legends when it was in Beta stage, and has been playing on and off ever since.

"Four things can never be hidden for long, the sun, the moon, a true friend, and the truth" - Vhampire







     Abramxavier - Operations Manager

     Kushmaster -  Discord Moderator

     Eb34st -          F2P Clan Leader

     bigRoy -          Arena Master

     The Raging -   Public Relations Officer

     AngiLaLa -      Media Liaison 





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